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The Wild Mindset Course
The Wild Mindset Course
The Wild Mindset Course
The Wild Mindset Course
The Wild Mindset Course
The Wild Mindset Course
The Wild Mindset Course

The Wild Mindset Course


“Goals are more than just things we want. They are hints towards what we need...I dare you to start living as your best self. I dare you to embrace the badass force of nature that you are. This is that sign you’ve been looking for. This is your permission slip. Do the big scary thing. Make the move. Chase the dream. Do it because you don’t want to die wondering how things could have been if you’d chased a little harder.”

Written with the adventurous in mind, The Wild Mindset is your guide to living the life of your dreams. Pulling from her experiences of starting businesses to overcoming injury, author Callie Waldschmidt details what it takes to find purpose, overcome negative beliefs, and chase after your dreams with grit and confidence.

The Wild Mindset is full of practical exercises, beautiful illustrations, and tips that’ll guide you along your journey. No matter what you’ve been dreaming of, from skiing more advanced terrain to making a change in your career, this guide is just as applicable to your life goals as it is to your goals in the great outdoors. By the end of this course, you’ll be inspired, motivated, and well on your way to living as your best self.

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Hey! I'm Callie! You probably recognize me from my YouTube Channel Wild Grit.

These days I've been doing a lot more than just making YouTube videos! I've recently published my full length course The Wild Mindset, a free course Overcoming Your Limits, and I'm in the process of creating two more courses!  

Thank you so much for your continued support and I hope to continue inspiring and encouraging you to live your most adventurous life. 

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