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Welcome to Wild Grit.

I believe that all those days that you’ve spent dreaming about how deep you could get, how far you could travel, how crazy your life could be if you just went for it- means something. I founded Wild Grit on the belief that we’re all made for more and that we owe it to ourselves to step up and live a life that we’re proud of.

No matter what your “more” is, from learning to ride harder lines to starting your first business, you have a purpose that is being blocked by fear. It’s time to live it.

I created Wild Grit to help others break out of their self-imposed cages and start living a wild, adventurous life. No matter what adventure you’re after, Wild Grit provides outdoor inspiration and tangible skills that’ll keep you stoked on your journey.

Wild is what we aspire to be. Grit is what we use to get there. And don’t forget, Life’s short. Get Dirty.

-Callie Waldschmidt

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