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an adventurer's guide to chasing dreams

You've only got one life - are you making the most of it?

If you're anything like me, you'd say that you're a work in progress. But, what if you could streamline your dreams into reachable goals? With the help of The Wild Mindset, you can. In this course, you’ll begin to build the foundation of a positive mindset. You’ll learn how to set and achieve goals, master self-discipline, and begin building your own courage muscles. It will set you right on track towards living the life of your dreams. 

No matter what you’ve been dreaming of, from skiing more advanced terrain to making a change in your career, this guide is just as applicable to your life goals as it is to your goals in the great outdoors. By the end of this course, you’ll be inspired, motivated, and well on your way to living as your best self.

The best part about The Wild Mindset is the positive effect it’ll have on your entire life. As you begin working through your negative beliefs and fears, your priorities may start to shift. You might start dreaming up even bigger and crazier adventures. You might finally feel clarity about where to head with your life. Maybe your goal is to hike the PCT. Maybe you want to learn how to survive in the wilderness. Maybe you want to start your own business in the outdoor industry. No matter what you’ve been dreaming of, learning to adopt The Wild Mindset will put you on the fast track towards your dreams.

Maybe there's a whisper inside of you to go bigger with your life...

It's time to listen to that voice. Reading this is the first step towards embracing the very best version of yourself. You’re finally showing up for yourself in a way that you’ve never seen before. You should be proud. It’s time to start living a more adventurous life, and I’m here to guide you along the way.

Written with the adventurous in mind, I use many metaphors that compare pursuing your goals to going on an adventure. But don’t get hung up on the outdoor references! These methods apply to any area of your life, from business to baking cookies.

But, this life is not for the faint of heart.

Being an Adventurer isn’t really about living a pleasurable life and having fun. That’s nice, but we’re meant for more than a good time. I also believe that when it comes to chasing dreams you don’t need more time, money, or opportunity. You don’t need to wait for better circumstances. You don’t need to be an expert, the best in your field, or well-known. You don’t need things to be perfect. You need to start.

With this course as your guidebook, you’re going to be on your way to achieving some incredible feats. I can’t wait to see what you’re capable of. With so many mountains to climb, we better get going!

Here's what you'll
get with the wild mindset

No matter if you want to climb K2, learn to do a 360 on skis, or start a business you love, lessons from The Wild Mindset are applicable to any goals you have, from the outdoors and beyond. This content-packed course is going to give you everything you need to be well on your way towards your dreams. 

  • Hours of streamable video content on our course platform
  • A full-color, 116-page paperback copy of The Wild Mindset guidebook
  • Trail Edition Adventure Journal
  • A Wild Grit Adventurers Embroidered Patch
  • An exclusive Wild Mindset course embroidered patch
  • Access to the Adventurer Community, an online platform exclusively available to Wild Grit Adventurers

What You'll Learn

  • How to pinpoint your magnetic north and create a compass that’ll always guide you there.
  • How to shine a light on your own beliefs and begin to understand what actions you’ve taken to create your current life.
  • How to start dreaming up big plans and goals to accomplish
  • You’ll choose waypoints, create a map and craft an adventure itinerary to guide you with accuracy and efficiency towards achieving your goals. 
  • How to develop key traits for success such as patience, gratitude and grit.
  • You’ll see what to expect at the summit of your goals and learn how to enjoy the views from the top.

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This course is based online and all of it's bonuses will be shipped straight to your door including the guidebook and patches.

You have lifetime access to the course content, meaning you can take your time and use this course to work through many different goals.

When you feel stuck or need encouragement you'll be able to access the video content no matter where you are or how long its been.

You're covered with our
100% risk-free guarantee

This course has the power to completely change your life. And that's not an opinion - it's a fact. The contents in the guidebook and online video have been created from experience and have the potential to give you the same results. 

I'm so confident that if you do the work involved you'll see immediate value in this course. Here's how it works:

Complete the first two parts of The Wild Mindset within fourteen days of receiving the course contents. If you find this course is not providing value, simply email us, show us your finished coursework, and we'll issue you a full refund. 

The reason we ask for your completed coursework is because we believe that this course is only valuable if action is taken. Every single exercise was designed to provide value. There is no filler, whatsoever. That's why we're so persistent about doing the exercises and participating in the discussions on the Adventurer Community We fully believe this course has the power to change your life if YOU do the work involved!

If you don't plan on starting this course right away, we'd still love to have you, but be sure that this is the right investment for you because refund eligibility has a firm deadline. This ensures that Adventurers are committed, which helps us avoid wasting your time or ours and creates a better community to be a part of.

let's sum it up -
everything that's included in this course

It's important that you know the massive value that this course contains. And these numbers aren't inflated, they are the true value of content that's being served to you!

The Five Part Video Training

This five part video series has taken 2 years and thousands of dollars to design and create. It's intuitive, well explained, and most importantly, effective at helping you begin to create the life of your dreams. These videos instruct, inspire, and explain everything you need to know in a fun and digestible format that's available to you anytime and anywhere. 

$1,500 Value

A 116-Page Paperback Copy of The Wild Mindset

E-books are overrated. Instead of giving you our most valuable resource in a hard to read format, we're sending you a full-color copy of The Wild Mindset as soon as you place the order. This book is packed full of beautiful illustrations, essential exercises, and does a deep dive into everything you'll need to reach your wildest dreams. 

$34.99 Value

Two Fully-Embroidered Patches

Adventurers need to show off their spirit so we're including two awesome patches that are only available to those who take this course!

$18.95 Value

The Trail Edition Adventure Journal

This course is packed full of exercises and to be sure that you take notes and get them done, we're including a soft-cover notebook that will give you all the space you need to scheme up and plan out your goals.

$7.95 Value

An Instant Community

No matter if you're looking for support towards your goals or want to make more friends with fellow Adventurers, this community will give you exactly what you need. You might even meet someone who has the experience, advice, or idea that'll make your dream become a reality even quicker!


Bonus Training Videos and Tutorials

We want to be sure you completely understand each and every concept that we teach, so in addition to the five part video series, there are bonus training videos and exercise tutorials that'll drive each concept home.

$500 Value

Total course value $2,061.89 

Your cost only $250 

how does the wild grit adventurers work?

Who Am I?

My name is Callie Waldschmidt, the author of The Wild Mindset and founder of Wild Grit. I’m qualified to teach you about chasing dreams because if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s throwing care into the wind and going for it. I may not be rich, have a college degree, or a stable job for that matter, but I do have a resume that shows success in other ways.

Over the past five years I’ve:
» Built a six-figure business in three years, with no cash, a lot of zero interest credit cards, high hopes, and an internet connection.
» Worked as a commercial electrician to pay for my adventures and fund the start-up of my business.
» Built and lived out of a custom van, traveling across the west, for up to two months at a time.
» Overcame a chronic pain injury that limited my work and play abilities for two years.
» Skied and mountain biked my bum off.
» Sold my first business to begin creating my second, Wild Grit.

So while I’ve only been alive for twenty-six years, I’d say I’ve been making the most of them. Where I lack traditional credibility, I make up for with hard work and a deep-set belief that things will work out. And through this, I’ve learned some serious lessons about how to make dreams go from idea to reality. But ultimately, I’m just a girl who believes in herself enough to go after the crazy things I’ve dreamt up. I call this The Wild Mindset, and this course teaches how you can adopt the mindset for yourself.

I’ve failed and had to completely start over several times, but I’ve created a life I’m proud to be living. Through the trial and error of my own experiences, I’ve created a blueprint that you can follow. These are my own tried and true methods for identifying, setting, and achieving goals.

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What sets the wild Mindset apart
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No. 1:
Lifetime Access

You can take The Wild Mindset as many times as you like, and you'll have lifetime access to the included content. This means that you can re-use this course to plan and execute every one of your dreams!

No. 2:
Extraordinary Service

This course was created with care and passion, and maintaining it is no different. Whatever you need, we are here to help. You'll be taken care of with respect, honesty, and ease.

No. 3:
Awesome Community

Adventurers are awesome, and our community shows that. From support and motivation, to friendship and inspiration, our community is irreplaceable and a priceless addition to our offerings.

No. 4:
100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe in our product and we're willing to offer a refund if you aren't completely satisfied with your investment. We're here to change lives not make money and this is our way of showing our commitment to that purpose.

we're here to make a difference

The Wild Grit Adventurers was founded with the primary goal to help people begin living the lives of their dreams. 

We aren't here to sell you a motivational e-book or tell you exactly what any other self-help book teaches. This course was created for those who really want to make change in their lives and do awesome things. 

We're different because we're in this with you.

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What if just one tip makes your goal go from dream to reality?

What would these changes be worth to you over your lifetime?

When you sign up for The Wild Mindset you have nothing to lose but a life that you aren't excited about. 

Don't miss your chance to start living the life that you've been dreaming about. 

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