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You're not where you want to be

and that's okay.

do you know that you're 100% capable of changing your life?

You just need to believe it.

you're not the problem. You're not lazy.

Your beliefs are leading you in the wrong direction.

let's get you on track.

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It's time to start believing in yourself. It's time to start trusting your intuition. You're a risk-taker, problem solver, and unstoppable go-getter. You just need a perspective, support, an a little push! 

Let me be your guide!

I'm Callie Waldschmidt, a full-time filmmaker, author, and adventurer. You might recognize me from my videos on YouTube where I bring viewers along on my adventures, or from one of my online courses. Aside from getting outdoors and living an adventurous life, my passion is helping others push past their self-imposed imitations and live a more adventurous life. 

For a limited number of clients, I'm currently offering one-on-one, private coaching sessions. While I can't take your life and create positive changes myself, it would be my honor to support, encourage, and inspire you to take action. I'm here to help you believe in yourself, create a life worth being proud of, and to encourage you to start showing up in your life like never before.

book a coaching session today!

topics and areas of help that we cover :

Define, plan, and prepare for goals that are right for you and the life that you want.

Identify and move past the negative beliefs that have been keeping you stuck.

Unlock your inner badass and start making serious progress towards your passions.

Develop essential skills like grit, patience, and gratitude that will keep you on track.

use code "introsession" to get your first session free!

Motivational Coaching Sessions

Motivational Coaching Sessions

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how it works:

To book a coaching session with Callie, choose your date and time from the calendar to get started. If you're a first time client, we'll be emailing you a Pre-Session Questionnaire and Client Coaching Agreement to get the specifics on how we can help. We offer both Zoom Video Calls and Phone Calls to all of our clients. Each appointment is 45-minutes long.

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. As long as you cancel before the 24-hour window, you can reschedule your appointment. If not, we will charge you in full for the appointment. 

If you don't see a time available that works for you, email us at and we'll try our best to make room for you!

pay as you go

$55 / per session
Paid prior to each session booked.
Our most flexible option.
Great for small problems with quick fixes and when occasional support is needed.


$45 / per session,
Paid monthly ($180 total)
Our best and most effective deal!
Great for behavior change, applied learning, and tangible results.

Once we've had our first meeting, you'll have the option to choose a plan that works best for you! For coaching to be as effective as possible, you should plan to enroll for at least one month. We understand that this is expensive but it's also the best way to get results. Generally speaking, the first month is when the most change occurs and it's also when we're most likely to backslide into old habits.