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Solo adventure:

An Adventurer's Guide to going alone

No matter what your reason is for wanting to go solo, this course's purpose is to help you feel more comfortable about whatever adventures you’ve dreamed up. Solo Adventure covers everything from how to prepare for a solo adventure, tips on staying safe, and most importantly, having fun when you're going it alone in the great outdoors. 

What You'll Learn

  • Why going solo is great
  • How to be prepared for what a solo adventure may throw your way
  • How to stay safe during your solo adventures
  • How to have fun while adventuring alone
  • Tips for facing challenges alone
  • Three activity specific mini guides including, solo road tripping, solo travel, and solo hiking.

Course Excerpt:

Why you haven't gone yet:

There are many reasons that you may hesitate to go alone, or feel uncomfortable when you do. From fears of safety to feeling like a weirdo, many people choose to stay home and wait for an adventure partner instead of going alone. This course is here to help you feel more comfortable with the idea of solo adventure by showing how fun it can be and teaching methods to help you overcome your fears.

Here’s a list of reasons why many people don’t go alone:

  • I’m not brave enough
  • I’ll get hurt and die alone in the woods
  • I’ll get murdered and die alone in the woods
  • I don’t like to feel lonely
  • I feel guilty about leaving friends and family behind
  • I’m afraid that people will think i’m weird for always being alone

As you can see, solo adventure is scary to a lot of people and heavily stigmatized. Despite this common belief, Wild Grit Adventurers believe in building courage to get after what we truly want. If fears of being alone are standing in your way, then this course is for you!

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