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Workout for Skiing: Train for ski season at home, no equipment required!

Do you know that feeling on skiing’s opening day when your legs feel like noodles about one run in? I sure do.

If you wanna prevent the dreaded noodle-leg syndrome, read onwards!

This workout is quick enough to do every day (it’s only 10 minutes!), painful, and centered around the main muscle groups used in skiing. Legs and core!

If you don’t have a regular workout routine then this is an awesome place to start. Later this fall I’ll be releasing an advanced weight lifting workout for skiing as well. If you’d like to turn this workout up a notch, try performing the exercises for 1 minute each.

Okay without further ado, let’s get strong before the pow is deep!

If you’d like you can follow along with the video linked below or do it yourself. To DIY, all you need is a timer and a yoga mat (or soft place to workout on).

Here's How It Works:

16 different exercises, 30-60 seconds per exercise depending on the desired difficulty.

Let's get going!

1. Squats
To do a simple squat, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed forward. Lower yourself down until your thighs are parallel to the floor then extend back up to standing. Remember to lean forward but keep your back straight.

2. Squat Holds
Perform the same motion as a squat but instead of standing, hold this pose for 30-60 seconds. Be sure to keep your legs parallel to the floor.

3. Jump Squats
Instead of squatting and standing, you’ll jump into your squat. This exercise is a great combination of cardio and strength, and will help you develop your pop for jumping!

4. Alternating Lunges
Thick thighs are a skier’s best friend! Lunges are the ultimate leg killer and almost identically replicate the muscle use you’ll be using on the slopes. To lunge, step one leg back and lower yourself down until your knee is over your ankle and your thigh is parallel to the floor. Alternate sides in this exercise.

5. Left Lunge Pulses
Hold your lunge on the left side and pulse up and down. Remember to keep your knee over your ankle.

6. Right Lunge Pulses
Hold your lunge on the right side and pulse up and down. Remember to keep your knee over your ankle.

7. Alternating Jump Lunges
Get ready for the serious burn! Instead of stepping back to your lunge, you jump in and out of the pose. Remember to have good form and try to jump as high as you can when alternating legs.

8. Crunches
The classic! Remember to suck in your stomach and breathe.

9. Leg Lifts
These are a core killer. Keep your stomach tight, breathe, and lift your legs slowly up and down. Try your best to be as stable and controlled as possible. This will give you the best results.

10. Raised Leg Crunches
Just like a regular crunch, but instead, you’re going to lift your legs straight up to the sky. You can crunch to touch your toes, or just put your hands behind your head as you crunch.

11. Russian Twists
Time to do the twist! The Russian twist! To do this exercise, lean back with your calves parallel to the floor, forming a v-shape with your upper body and thighs. While holding this position, twist your torso from one side to the other, taping the ground with your hands on each side.

12. Left Side Plank Hold
Side planks hurt. But this is how we get strong! To do a side plank, enter a standard plank position, resting on your forearms. Then, twist your body to the side and extend your free arm to the sky.

13. Left Side Plank Pulses
Instead of just holding, for plank pulses you’ll need to stay in the side plank position then gently lower your hips to the floor and back up in a pulsing motion. It’s simple but oh so painful!

14. Right Side Plank Pulses
Switch sides and pulse on the right this time

15. Right Side Plank Hold
Back to a side plank hold except on your right side.

16. Rocking Planks
Lower down onto both forearms into a regular plank position. Now, begin to shift your body weight forward and backward. This is a bit of an arm burner in addition to your core. Remember to keep things tight!

Awesome job! Come back daily until the snow starts falling and you’ll be shredding the slopes this winter harder than ever!

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