Wild Chanterelle Mushroom Hunting + The Best Way to Cook Chanterelles

Chanterelle mushrooms are tasty, golden snacks that can be found sprinkled all over the forest floor, here in Washington State.

Tips for Chanterelle hunting:

  • Use a knife and bag or basket to harvest them and do your best to clean them off in the woods instead of in your kitchen to save on mess.

  • Chanterelles are found on the forest floor, growing near old stumps and trees (but not on them)

  • They are bright orange or gold in color and trumpet-shaped, with a huge range in size.

  • They have false gills running from cap and down the stem. False gills resemble ridges instead of gills that you’d find on your average white mushroom.

The Wild Grit Chanterelle Cooking Method:

  1. You’ll just need a pan full of chanterelles and some olive oil to drizzle on top.

  2. Cook on medium, and wait for all of the juices to dry up.

  3. Once the mushrooms begin crisping up to a nice golden brown top them off with some salt and pepper and enjoy!

In this episode of The Adventures of Callie and Dusty, follow along as they take you deep into the woods to hunt for chanterelles, and then after finding some, heading home to cook them up.