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How To Make Evergreen Tea With Western Red Cedar

With turning the clocks forward and it finally being light out longer in the evenings, I can feel my skin tingling with anticipation for the summer adventures to come. Campfires under the stars, backpacking next to high rocky peaks, and morning coffee with unbeatable views. Sounds nice, right?!

Yes. Yes, it does. This summer is going to be especially exciting since I'm finally producing videos once again for the Wild Grit YouTube channel! From camp crafts to survival skills to helping you get your mind and body fit for adventure, I've got some big plans that I'm bringing you along on!

This week's video is a great project that you can test out on your upcoming camp trip...making delicious Cedar Tea from fresh cedar leaves! It tastes spicy, refreshing, and a little bit like Christmas! I'll definitely be preparing it as my bedtime drink under the stars on upcoming camping trips. 

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