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How To Enjoy Alone Time

dog walking down trailLately, I've been spending a lot of time alone in the woods. Between morning walks with Dusty, bike rides, trail building, and filming outdoor projects, I'm a pretty lucky gal. 

I have to be honest though, it feels a bit strange to go through an entire day, sometimes multiple, without talking to another person. While I have social media, Dusty, and friends that are just a phone call away, I've been very aware of the aloneness in my life and line of work. 

While I still feel lonely from time to time, something inside me has changed. I am feeling more energized, motivated, and optimistic than I ever have! I'd say this has a big part to do with a new revelation of mine. 

You can feel very lonely when surrounded by the wrong people.

And, you can feel very joyful alone.

We're wired for connection, but sometimes when we run from our loneliness, we fill that void with people who don't fire us up. People who, even if they aren't bad, don't motivate or inspire us.

When afraid of loneliness, we use people as placeholders for the emptiness in our existence. 

But we never really feel less alone.

With all this time I've been spending alone in the woods, I've found a deep peace that I've never before experienced. By choosing to quit running from that loneliness, I've found solitude

It's a feeling that is almost indescribable. Powerful, freeing, and uplifting all at the same time. If it was sold on a shelf, I'd say you've got to give this stuff a try!

I have found solitude by adding things that energize me in life and saying "no" to everything else. I've started protecting my inner peace and energy by filling my life with magic instead of placeholders. 

You can start by asking yourself, "Does this energize me or drain me?" 

From there, it's simple. Limit the people, activities, and tasks that drain you. Fill your life with people, activities, and tasks that energize you.

Instead of running to fill that lonely void, learn to sit with it. Allow yourself to feel it. And do so in the confidence that you'll be okay.

You deserve a life full of positive energy, but you must find the patience to allow it

Getting in touch with your intuition is incredibly effective at helping you see what drains and energizes you. If you'd like some help on this topic, check out my course The Wild Mindset. You'll identify your Magnetic North, the direction that you desire above all else in life. And with a bit of tenacity and grit, this course will guide you there. 

Hey! I'm Callie.

I'm a mountain-obsessed skier, hiker, and mountain biker based out of Bellingham, Wa. I am the founder of Wild Grit, teaching online courses and creating videos to guide you towards a more adventurous life.

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