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How To Eat Healthy During Road Trips

While road-tripping it is SUPER easy to get sucked into eating junk food on the daily. Meal prep is a huge lifesaver, but as you will see, even the best meal preppers have their weakness!


  • Meal prepping is a lifesaver! Just pack some containers with you, get all your groceries, and set aside an hour or so to chop up all the goods!

  • Always start the day with a good bowl of oatmeal and eat at least one of your meal prep meals!

  • Never pass up on awesome restaurants that you will regret not visiting.

  • Focus on having healthy snacks in the car. My favorites are carrots, apples, hummus, sparkling water, nuts, and dried fruit.

  • Try healthy substitutes such as an Americano instead of a frappuccino, or a veggie burger instead of a hamburger

  • Keep snacks out of reach of the driver's seat


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