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DIY Van Conversion Supply List: Everything I Used In My Custom Camper Van


This is a growing list of all of the products that I have used in my van build. If they are included, they have proved the test of time as a reliable vanlife part or accessory!


Solar panels:


Battery Isolator:


LED recessed lighting:


String lights: 100ft String Fairy Lights


12 Volt Outlet:


12 Volt Switches:




Fan Install Putty:


Fuse Blocks:




Batteries: AMG repurposed elevator batteries - Craigslist


12v Refrigerator:


Camp stove:


Camp oven:

Propane/Carbon Monoxide Detector:


Water Jug:


Coffee Grinder:


Go Girl:


Wag Bags:



Anti-Condensation Matting (ESSENTIAL for mold prevention):


Planar 12v Diesel Heater:

Jerry Can:


Jerry Can Holder:


Bike Rack:


Roof Box:


Van Roof Racks (two sets):


ARB 2500X2500 Awning

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Article By Callie Waldschmidt

Callie is a mountain-obsessed skier and mountain biker based in Bellingham, Wa. She’s the founder of Wild Grit, teaching online courses and creating videos for outdoorsy-minded adventure lovers everywhere.

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Hey! I'm Callie.

I'm a mountain-obsessed skier, hiker, and mountain biker based out of Bellingham, Wa. I am the founder of Wild Grit, teaching online courses and creating videos to guide you towards a more adventurous life.

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  • Hi Callie. I’m am 57 yrs old and just getting started. I just purchased a 1999 gmc Savanah. I have 100 watt solar panel kit way bigger than yours :(. I love your van set up. I am good with tools and can build but how did you learn to do all that other stuff? Lol. The switches and fuses and….WAAAA!!! I have no help. Where do I start? Beyond the wood part I am lost. My van is nice inside so first I gotta make myself gutt it because of course it is not what I need for living in. Was yours already an “empty canvas”? Thank you for any help


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