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Campfire Bread: Baking In A Bushcraft Stone Oven + Recipe!

Campfire bread is an awesome way to enjoy baking in the outdoors! In this DIY project, I build a bushcraft style stone oven and make a loaf of bread from scratch. If you follow the recipe below, you can make a loaf for yourself!

The oven I created in this video was made using rocks found on my property. Since I don't have clay in the area I went for a hill-style stone oven, where you use the earth as an insulator. The key to making this oven is to pack the rocks as tightly as possible since they are what retain the most heat. Once a fire is lit inside and the rocks warm up, they'll continue to release heat even after the coals have faded. Clay makes these ovens work even better, but for a quick baking project, this does the job.

Homemade Bread Recipe:
3 1/3 C. All-purpose flour
2 packets of yeast
2 T. brown sugar
1 T. salt
1/3 c. of warm water + more for mixing

1. Mix the salt and flour together in a large bowl
2. Combine sugar, yeast, and 1/3 c. warm water in a bowl. Let yeast rise (takes about 10 minutes)
3. Mix all ingredients together
4. Add warm water as needed to make the dough moist but not too wet.
5. Knead for 10 minutes
6. Shape into small loaves, cover, and let rise for one hour somewhere warm (such as on top of a gas stove or near a heater)
7. Knead dough a second time after the first hour then cover again and let rise for one more hour
8. Put it on a floured or oiled surface and bake for 20-30 minutes depending on the heat of your stone oven
9. Spread on your favorite topping and enjoy!

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